Sunday, October 3, 2010

More of a challenge then walking on a plank blindfolded!

This was our first lab that we had to do, BY OURSELF! I would say nervously excited would be an understatement. The theme was Pirate week so the activities we had to construct were based on that. My group was in the gym and we had to perform first. It was quite a challenge because they had just got out of school and not many of them has had the chance to really let loose so you have to grasp their attention fast or else you can say goodbye to all of your plans. Along with saying that, you have to want to be there and pretty much act as enthusiastic as the kids are. Let's face it, if you're boring nine times out of ten so are they. So i tried my best at getting down to there level and asking them questions of interest about the theme. Once i got their attention i knew i had to make my pitch fast and get things going. Our goal of the lab was to see how the kids move doing different motor skills such as hoping, galloping and running. One of the things that was running through my mind was of how to make things like this last for a whole class and not to bore the kids for even a second. Once that was over i debriefed with the kids and ended my lab with a joke to end on a good note.

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