Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There's no Shame in this Game

One of my all time favorite things to do play in gym class, DODGE BALL!!!. Man i could not wait for a rainy day or when the teachers decided to pick that activity for the day. I know that in High School i was always labeled one of the "jocks" just because i loved to do physical activities but many kids did not, which is not okay. I left after a period of dodge ball drenched in sweat and exhausted while other kids it seemed as if they didn't even change.  That's the main problem today is that kids are not being physically active. During Dodge Ball you have what we like to call the wall flowers who just stay all the way in the back and talk amongst each other and don't bother to get involved. Schools around the country have banned dodge ball from their school's for reasons such as this and many more. Another reason is that kids are getting hurt and are doing things such as breaking their arms and legs, I've never seen this actually happen before but i have heard very unfortunate stories. There are ways i feel that we can modify the game of dodge ball where we can limit the amount of kids getting hurt and increase the amount of energy kids exert during the duration of the game. I think some things we can do different to prevent harm is to first enforce the rules of no head shots because this easily can prevent someone from breaking their nose or other features. Change the size and make of the balls being used, in my high school we used balls where even a major league pitcher could be throwing it and it still wouldn't do major damage. We could also change the throwing distances so kids aren't so close to each other. As far as having kids participate i feel you could establish a punishment to the kids who are on the back wall. For example give them a few warnings that if they don't start participating then they will have to leave the class and go to a transition room for insubordination. Another thing you could do is give them an incentive such as saying if you get ten people out today you'll earn participation points or something to that extent. There are many things kids can benefit by playing dodge ball and not just the physical part. Kids actually use their brain during this game to make strategies and trying different things to get other people out. It can also be a social environment where you can work together and use the teamwork aspect. Dodge ball is an amazing game and there is no dodging that!

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