Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kids not quite able to swing it!

Kids are getting involved with sports at a very early age. As kids begin to play these sports, some parents feel that it is physically okay to give their kids sports equipment that might be to early for them to handle and could be very detrimental to their health. The topic we are talking about is giving kids lacrosse sticks to play with. Kids that are at the developmental age i feel once they get the practice they can do such a sport, but i feel it could possibly be too early. I say that because the kid might be able to lift the stick up and swing it around fine, but i feel that at that age they aren't physically developed in their shoulders to do such a vigorous activity. Besides it could be harmful because the natural way your arms are suppose to move is the underhand motion, so once you start moving it in various backward directions (including being at this age) could put a kid in extreme risk of future problems to their body. So Parents, just stick to having a nice little game of catch for now!

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