Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas St.Mary's!

This was our last lab at St.Mary's and probably the most fun! This week it was Christmas theme so everyone was in holiday spirit wearing red and green. This week i had the Cafeteria group which were the 3rd to 4th grade students. They were tons of fun to work with. We started off by playing a game that Professor Yang brought and we literally could've played this game all day because they were so engaged in it. It got a little out of hands at times so i had to reassure them that everyone has to be polite and share in order to have fun or we can't play it at all. After the game we went upstairs in the gymnasium to play some of the games they wanted to play. They instantly grabbed basketballs and started shooting at random, so i thought to myself that we should just all get together and play one big game of something. It took a while to get things situated because there were only a select few who wanted to do certain things. So what i did was have me and my lab partner and assistant start playing our own game and then the kids saw all the fun we had and wanted to join in. Overall it was a good day at St.Mary's and a excellent semester there as well!

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